So its our 10th Anniversary, a momentous year and a special event for everyone who loves Rock n Roll

It’s a 3 day affair as usual, that will be forged on values of the first 9 cycles, but tuned up with all the luxuries that our new site @ Camp HRH has to offer.

With more than 50 bands from around the globe, (that you voted for), will be descending on Wales for the10th anniversary, we are truly excited to stage the all famous HRH experience one more time.

As promised, well be visiting all sides of the rock n metal spectrum as usual. Expect some particular focus on the old school classic rock n metal as well as the sleaze brigade as feature stages. Classic, legends n surprises et all... as per the norm.

Its all but sold out, so ring just to make sure you can get in or try online as well load as and when something becomes available. So in true HRH terminology….Shift it…and enter the X before its too late.

As ever, you know it’s a “must see event” and probably the last on the Rock n Roll calendar for 2016.

So join us at your own risk as you enter our gates of hell…for anything and everything that could happen...just might happen,.....


All Hail the X

HRH Watchtower