Faster Pussycat, GUN & Pat Travers join BLS, Saxon, Helloween & UFO for HRH9


With only 12 weeks to go until the next cycle of Hard Rock Hell, we're now in a position to throw in another pile of traditional HRH riffage.


LA Glam metallers , Faster Pussycat make their debut along with Scottish heroes GUN and Canadian Blues Rock legend, Pat Travers,


To see Faster Pussycat click here


To see GUN click here


To see Pat Travers click here


Room 2 is going to be a Jukebox of HRH Riffage, which we've recruited over the last 12 months, so rather than talk about it, grab a drink, find a nice chair and have a look at the HRH jukebox in no particular order


King of the North.  Click Here


Dukes of Bordello. Click Here


Dead City Ruins.     Click Here


Nine Miles South,    Click Here


Wild Lies.                 Click Here


Hellbound Hearts.    Click Here


Lawless.                   Click Here


City of Thieves.        Click Here


Colour of Noise.       Click Here


No Hot Ashes.         Click Here


Black State Highway Click Here





As requested, we've also brought back the NWOBHM Brunch which will feature, Chariot, MORE and Trespass


Trespass Click Here


Chariot Click Here


More Click Here



HRH 9 has been sold out since last December, however if you know someone on site, add into their room or if not grab a camper van & some day passes or local accom, either way, get involved for the biggest rock n roll mash up on the planet.


HRH 9 Line Up

Black Label Society




Rock Goddess


Faster Pussycat


Pat Travers

Scorpion Child


Black Spiders


Trucker Diablo

Massive Wagons

Attica Rage

The Picturebooks

Screaming Eagles

Pig Iron

Skanska Mord

No Hot Ashes




Sky Valley Mistress

Those Damn Crows


King Creature

Riot Horse

King of the North

City of Thieves

Colour of Noise

Stone Kings



Black State Highway

Dukes of Bordello

Dead City Ruins

Nine Miles South

Hellion Rising

Wild Lies

Hellhound Hearts