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So we've unleashed  Hell....our Hell....HRH 9.....HRH House of Horrors


So 2015 has opened its gates of Hell…  “HRH House of Horrors” ……a Deep n Dark Rock n Roll production full of extreme n twisted moments and laced with pure adrenaline fuelled camaraderie from a circle of people who continue to form the core of what we do.

It’s a 3 day affair as usual,( with a Friday 13th in the middle) that will be forged on values of the first eight cycles, but tuned up with all the luxuries that Camp HRH has to offer.


With more than 50 bands from around the globe, that the front line ( our fans) voted for, will be descending on Wales for the ninth cycle, we are truly excited to stage the all famous HRH experience one more time.

As promised, well be visiting all sides of the rock n metal spectrum as usual. Expect some particular focus on the old school classic rock n metal as well as the Sleaze n Blues brigade as feature stages. Classics, legends n surprises et all... as per the norm.


HRH 9 is officially the fastest selling HRH ever !! with Royalty, VIP and a whack of Hard Rock packages already sold out and we expect to have dropped the lot by Christmas.


So in true HRH terminology….Shift it…and enter the 9th cycle before its too late.


As ever, it’s a “must see event” and probably the last on the Rock n Roll calendar for 2015.



So join us at your own risk as you enter our gates of hell…for anything and everything that could happen...just might happen,.....



All Hail the 9


HRH Watchtower


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Hello Terri,

and thank you for everything you did for us over the weekend! It's a great festival and we had a wonderful time! Just a shame we had to leave, but there you go. Hope to see you again soon?


Take care.


Johanne James.




We just wanted you to know the crew on the Jagermesiter stage were just fantastic. Friendly, helpful, actually happy to help. I can tell you it's not like that at all festivals. Please pass our thanks to them, or give them a pay rise.


We had a ball, just home and officially ruined.


Pete Lawnmower Deth



On behalf of TBFM Radio I would like to thank all the staff for helping make our stay so fantastic. Claire, Terri and Jen down in the artist and media centre were hard working as always but still had time for a bit of plate spinning and juggling (although very badly).


Once again the security staff were second to none. Massive praise really should go to them for the hours they put in. First up and last to bed.

Extra shout out to little Jill up in stage one and Phil who was looking after the artists and media. Please never ever change the security team as they are approachable and always good fun.


Once again, the place was packed to the rafters but you could still purchase a pint within 2 minutes of going to the bar so thumbs up to the hard working bar staff all weekend.


All the bands who came out and chatted to the public throughout the weekend. They didn't have to but wanted to. This is something you see at HRH every year and it just goes to show how much they really enjoy being a part of this awesome event.


The sound people really need to be bigged up too. The best sound every year and even through some technical difficulties in and around the stages, they worked their balls off to keep thousands of people going and the stages alive.


Finally, the food staff. Probably the least likely to get a mention but once again proved their worth. An hour after last bands and you could still get some late night grub.


It goes without saying that Hard Rock Hell is the best underground festival in the UK at the moment and we are privileged to have been part of it once again. It is all the above that make this the event to be at and why it sells out before a band is even announced.


Thank you - TBFM Radio.

Hi Terri,

Firstly, thanks for having us at HRH. We had a blast! You lot really sorted us out and took good care of us. Also have to mention the stage 2 crew who were really great - very accommodating and total pro's.

Thanks to the lot of you!



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