Hail HRH .....HRH XII is ready to take you "Over the Top"

Once upon a time, some nutter decided to start a Rock festival in a multi purpose holiday camp, there were quite a few negs in the market, especially from the Music Industry. Like most start ups, some people love a grafter and ultimately after some blood, sweat n balls, you start winning some believers, that was the case with HRH 1 back in 2007.

11 years on and HRH are the undisputed European leaders in Residential festivals, which are now being staged all over the world. HRH 1 was the begining of one of friendliest Rock Communities on the planet, that has expanded 100 fold and now HRH has genre related festivals migrating globally. HRH AOR, HRH Prog, HRH Blues, Hammerfest, HRH Road Trip, HTH, HRH Doom, HRH Stoner, HRH Metal are all within their 2nd / 8th years and just get better every year. HRH Sleaze,HRH Black & HRH Thrash are all in embryo status, but just about to explode.

Hard Rock Hell is a mash up of many genres, voted in by the community who have attended these events over the last 11 years. HRH XII is the start of a new decade and something not to be missed ( if you can get in that is ). This will be a date in most peoples calendars and an event that will sum up the last 10 years, since creation.

Expect to meet the Dark Circle( The First Over The Top), the legendary HRH family and most probably new friends for life, as this is what we do. We have the music, the fun and the shenanigans, but its all about you, the people who love their music but want to live it, with a circle of friends who share the same values. The luxuries of how we do it, will be experienced on site, but guaranteed, were only here to blow you off your feet, with " our thing".

Get onboard and hold on tight for the 12th annual Hard Rock Hell Rollercoaster....we are totally here to shock and surprise..in a nice way of course

As ever, we cant wait to share our next adventure with you all.....Get ready for Cycle 12 as HRH prepares to "Go Over The Top"

All Hail XII

HRH Watchtower